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Have you ever wanted to take your design concepts to the next level? It sounds a bit pretentious, but 3D CAD can really help you designs and win your next customer!  Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of 3D CAD, also how it can improve your workflow when designing new products.

What is CAD

CAD is a acronym which stands for Computer Aided Design (CAD). CAD is a tool which is used in many industries including Architecture, Civil Engineering, Interior Design and Product Design. There is also a range of new industries that are using CAD to help with designs, including fashion (Jewellery Makers and Millinery) and Media.

CAD is used in a range of ways; from designing parts, to taking reference points of a space. There two main type of CAD which is 2D CAD and 3D CAD. The biggest difference between the two is in the name. 2D uses 2 dimensions and 3D CAD uses 3 dimensions to design parts or product.

How can 3D CAD help you? What are the benefits of 3D CAD?

CAD in the last 20 years has grown enormously (20 years is along time in the technology industry).  In the last 10 years, it started with flat 2D drawings with limited details to 3D CAD designs of highly detailed room layouts and designs that can be measured microns and with complex textures. There are so many benefits of using 3D CAD;

More Accurate Designs

When drawing a part or product in 2D CAD software, you are limited to three main views. This can decrease accuracy. Getting the product accurate first time is really difficult, as you are drawing the product three times instead of once. Say your designing a cute little house game piece for a board game. With 2D design you would design the front view, side view and top view individually.

With 3D CAD software, you can design the part or product in one go. Which increases accuracy of the part when designed. Designing the product once, increases the accuracy of the model. Back to designing that house counter- in 3D design, you construct all the shapes together and you can view this at all angles.

No Poor Quality Drawings

In a 2D CAD, drawing can easily have small errors which you can not see by eye. So when you come to put all the views together they may not work. With 3D design, the part is being designed in one and you can design tiny details which can be viewed from many angles.

Reduction in Human Error.

When drawing in 2D it is so much easier to make an error, because you draw an components with different views. 3D CAD has less processes, which reduces the chances of human error.

Pleasing to the Eye

2D drawings can be very boring!  It takes a lot of work to make 2D designs eye-catching. It’s also very difficult to add the finer details like surface textures.

3D CAD brings life to product drawings. The software gives the designer the ability to add so many details to a design.  Giving the design the aspect of being real, which can give the customer a visual perspective of the product, with more details of texture and shape.

Improve Customer Sales

If a customer looks at a 2D drawing, all they see is a bunch of measurements and different shapes in the views. Making it difficult for the customer to picture the product in real life. If they look at a 3D CAD drawing it looks more realistic and also makes it easier for the customer to picture the product. Which in turn could improve the chances of your sale.

Making Changes is Easier

When you want to make changes in a 2D CAD drawing, you have to alter or delete all three views of the drawing. In 3D CAD drawings there are less processes involved, but also there are less components to the drawings. So 3D designs are a lot it is easier to alter.

Detailed Designs

In 2D, it is difficult to make a drawing detailed, because when you try to design an organic shape, it will look like a blob. When designing an organic shape in 3D it will look real, because you can alter the textures and view the product from multiple views.

Designing is faster

A 2D CAD drawing is made up of lot of lines and shapes with multiple views. While a 3D CAD drawing, it is built up with solid shapes, which can be extruded, skewed into your final product. The whole process speeds up the process of designing the product.

So overall there isn’t many ways that 2D design can trump 3D. It might be cheaper, but it has so much more potential to win over your customer! So choose more 3D Design, in your next concept.

Hopefully this post has helped you understand the benefits of using 3D in your designs. Contact us if you have further questions or enquiries

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